[ANN] Makie.jl 0.16

A belated release announcement for Makie 0.16!
It got held up by my desire to create an announcement blogpost via a new Makie blog created with JSServe (thanks to @piever and @jules it even looks half decent) - which was quite the rabbit hole, but here it is:
We plan to also create a new Makie website at makie.org, move Makie from JuliaPlots to MakieOrg, rework JSServe’s Pluto and static serving support (and therefore improve WGLMakie) and quite a few other things.
All this got slowed down a bit because of some other great news: we got a Julia Community grant via NumFOCUS to work on improving Makie’s time to first plot significantly.
As part of this and to discuss any other change, we want to introduce a bi-weekly community meeting starting next week tuesday at 5pm (berlin time).
Feel free to join here: https://meet.google.com/rid-tpqe-ccx

Hope everyone enjoys the new release and has plenty of fun with the new backend.
I’m excited to see any renderings with RPRMakie, so feel free to post them here or to Twitter :slight_smile:
Note, that it’s still experimental and e.g. doesn’t work on OSX.


Thanks for the hard work and congratulations on the grant!

Heads-up: In the part about resize_to_layout! both images show the “after”.


Ah, thank you! That’s a consequence of rendering the whole document after inserting the figures, so it will just render the same figure!

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Screenshot from 2022-03-16 21-03-08

edit: now more deep fried


Awesome guys! :muscle:t2:

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Wow! Exciting! Also about the NumFOCUS grant, very welcome boost, I’m sure!!


That is great. Please when launching the site don’t forget a RSS link for the blog :slight_smile:


Congratulations Simon! My team at AMD is considering using Makie.jl for an internal Julia application (currently implemented using CImGui.jl but too slow when remote connecting to a distant server through VNC) and 1 new Julia project we hope to open-source in a couple months… we’ll probably join your next call to ask a few questions. :slight_smile:


That sounds great! :slight_smile: Looking forward to hear from you!


The community meeting:


Improving compile times

project description and discussion


API changes

  • mesh change #1776

  • getproperty/getindex change for plot objects #1779

  • update!(plot, (color=..., markersize=...,))

Open discussion and Questions

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