[ANN] Makie v0.18

We’re happy to announce Makie v0.18!

It’s a big release that we put lots of work into. It contains a few breaking changes but these should hopefully only cause minor inconvenience. You can find all the highlights in our blogpost


You can also have a look at NEWS.md for a selection of the most important changes.

And finally, the v0.18 tag with every PR and issue closed and everyone who has contributed.

In other news, we moved all Makie packages to MakieOrg, and all github pages are now subdomains of makie.org:

docs.makie.org, geo.makie.org, aog.makie.org, beautiful.makie.org, graph.makie.org

This is part of the effort to stabilize and polish the Makie ecosystem :slight_smile:

If you are working on a Makie package and are searching for a friendly org for it, feel free to PM me to help transfer it there.

We’re also currently planning the first MakieCon in Jena (Germany), if you’re interested you can join the discussion at the Makie discord!

Happy upgrading!

@jules & @sdanisch


After upgrading to v0.18, plotting in VScode does not open the plot pane, even though “VScode > Settings > Extensions > Julia > Use Plot Pane” is checked. Instead, a .png file is generated and an external PDF viewer opens.

Is this an intended change? How can I recover the previous behavior?

Not intended, there’s already an issue about it: VSCode Plot Pane not working with CairoMakie v0.9.0 · Issue #2331 · MakieOrg/Makie.jl · GitHub
Things like that sometimes slip through because we can’t test VSCode plot pane behavior on CI, it should be fixed soon though.


woo-hoo for hexagonal bins!

would be neat if the creative data viz folks could pool together their cool Makie themes and make PRs to extend the list here:
to make a larger library of themes.

e.g. a “scientific pub” theme for publication-ready plots. and something like how seaborn has paper, notebook, talk, and poster themes for different sized-plots. for every Pluto notebook, I do ~:

		resolution=(500, 380),

I have developed a package for creating publication quality figures, MakiePublication.jl. Maybe you will be interested. Feel free to comment and make PRs. The full doc is here.


Makie 0.18.1 has just been released, which brings back inline! to fix the issue with the plotpane!