[ANN] Makie@0.19.7 release

We’re happy to release a new Makie version :slight_smile:
Read all about it on the Makie blog!
It may be a patch version, but it offers lots of fixes/improvements and new features like polar axis:


This looks very nice, congrats! I wonder why is it a patch release and not a minor version bump?

Presumably because Makie is pre 1.0, so that minor Version bumps are considered breaking. In other words, you can’t distinguish feature from patch releases if you’re at 0.x.y


Ah right totally makes sense…

Very happy to see the alpha keyword! I’ve had several cases where I wanted to use transparency as another dimension independent from the color itself, which was previously awkward. Hopefully next time I can do alpha=values and have it work orthogonally to the colormap :slight_smile:

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