[ANN] LoggingFacilities.jl - easier transformations


Today, I would like to announce a new package LoggingFacilities.jl. It’s somewhat experimental at the moment but I would like to hear any feedbacks/thoughts.

:hammer: What is it?

I love LoggingExtras.jl because it gives me the ability to compose loggers easily. One of the most powerful feature is TransformerLogger, for which one can take a log record and transform it however you want.

Building on top of that, LoggingFacilities.jl provides additional ammunition to do transformations easily. For examples:

  • Inject a string at the beginning (or end) of the message string
  • Migrate the kwargs by appending them to the message string
  • Migrate log level or message string to the kwargs (useful for JSON logging)
  • etc.

:battery: Batteries included ™

Broadly speaking, two batteries are included:

  1. A standard API to perform transformations (inject, migrate, mutate, and remove)
  2. A set of common transformer loggers e.g. OneLine, JSON, Timestamp, etc.

:pray: An invitation to try out!

Please go ahead and take a look at the repo. Try if out if you want to produce better logs for your processes. Any bugs… just file an issue.