[ANN] Introducing IOLogging.jl, a package providing basic logging functionality to IO

I’ve been writing this package over the last few weeks as a way to get to know package and publishing mechanics (as well as to provide file logging without having to set it up for each individual project :slight_smile: ).

You can find it here:

The loggers feature timestamps and logging origin, logging based on individual LogLevels and ability to “clamp” LogLevels by logging to devnull (and it’s platform specific equivalents in case of the FileLogger). The precise message format is probably going to change over the next few releases, as I plan to add more functionality (such as a custom log message format).

The PR to METADATA.jl is still ongoing, so it’ll be a few days until it gets in there.


@Sukera, I have just submitted a pull request for an additional logger.
It’s called MultifilesLogger and it allows to declare multiple files.
Every file can be associated to several modules.
If a module is not explicitely associated to a log file there is a mechanism that tries to fall back to the log file of a parent module. This makes MultifilesLogger robust and permissive.