[ANN] LLMTextAnalysis.jl - Unveil Text Insights with LLMs!

We’re excited to introduce LLMTextAnalysis.jl, a humble yet powerful addition to your text analysis toolkit. Not intended to compete with established tools like TextAnalysis.jl, this LLM-powered cousin complements your existing resources, offering a targeted and efficient approach to uncovering textual insights. :star2::mag::books:

Why LLMTextAnalysis.jl stands out:

  1. Semantic Depth: By translating texts into numerical ‘embeddings’, it captures semantic nuances, allowing for a more profound understanding of the text than just grabbing keywords.
  2. Swift Theme Extraction: Dive into your data and uncover key themes in minutes, saving valuable time and effort.
  3. Interactive Exploration: With tools like PlotlyJS (and, hopefully, Makie.jl in the future), it offers an engaging way to interact with your data.
  4. Zoom In/Out on Topic Depth: Whether you need a bird’s-eye view of themes or a deep dive into text specifics, this tool adapts to your requirements, treating “topics” like a sliding scale that you can go up and down on.

Check out the blog post on Forem or the interactive example in the docs.

Give LLMTextAnalysis.jl a try and step into a new realm of insights! :star2::bar_chart:

PS: There are a few more features to come!


Hey everyone! :wave:

I’m excited to share that I’ve just released a new version with some extra functionality.

I showcase the functionality in my latest blog post titled “Concepts to Spectrums: Unleashing Julia’s Power in Text Analysis”, where I explore the distinction between ‘Concept’ and ‘Spectrum’ in text analysis using LLMTextAnalysis.jl. This post has a practical example and a step-by-step guide to mastering these new tools.

Check it out here: “Concepts to Spectrums: Unleashing Julia’s Power in Text Analysis”. Looking forward to your thoughts and feedback! :rocket::bar_chart: