ANN: KiteControllers

Im proud to announce the package KiteControllers version 0.1.6
(see: GitHub - aenarete/KiteControllers.jl: Controllers for airborne wind energy systems).

This is the first version that includes a fully working autopilot for the full pumping cycle.

If you you want to see a kite harvesting wind energy in 3D, just run the example autopilot.jl.

The best way to use KiteControllers is to install the meta package KiteSimulators, which includes all required packages, and create a system image by running the script create_sys_image as explained here

If you want to see and/or modify the source code of KiteControllers, check out the package using git and run the script create_sys_image from the the bin folder of the package. This compiles all packages needed for running the examples, but not KiteController.jl itself, so you are free to modify it according your needs.

As a teaser, the flight path will look similar to this plot:


I presented my work in the Airborne Wind Energy conference in Milano last week, and I hope I could motivate a few researchers to use Julia instead of Matlab or Python…

I consider to move the generic control components that I implemented in this package into a separate package for general use.