[ANN] Julia for VS Code 1.5 released

You’re looking for Julia: Send Current Line or Selection to REPL, which doesn’t have a default keybinding anymore.


Thanks. Much better.
This also resolves my previous question as this command (which I have been using for ages) has no awareness of the module/scope.

Can I remove a keybinding in vscode, so that I could replace the execute selection or block command by this command when I press ctrl+enter?


I prefer to only get completions based on the contents of my source files, not the rather arbitrary state of my REPL. Is there a way to disable this feature?

how does one invoke the Table viewer in vscode? I poked around online and in the docs for the julia extension for vscode but didn’t see an example.

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Yes, sure. Just add

        "key": "Ctrl+Enter",
        "command": "-language-julia.executeCodeBlockOrSelection"
        "key": "Ctrl+Enter",
        "command": "language-julia.executeJuliaCodeInREPL"

to your keybindings.

Doesn’t look like it (although I was fairly sure I added a setting for that). Runtime completions should always look very distinct though and only pop up for getproperty/getindex calls in global scope, in which case you won’t usually get any static completions anyways. Do open an issue though and I’ll add a setting for this :slight_smile:

You can use vscodedisplay(yourtable), @vscodedisplay yourtable, or click the “Open in VS Code” button in the Julia workspace.


Is there anything that FloatingTableView.jl can do to keep pace with the improved data viewer in VS Code? Perhaps instead of a Blink window we can open up some similar electron process that works with the features you have added?

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It probably wouldn’t be too much work to get TableView to feature parity, I just haven’t had the time for that yet.


Hello, the runtime autocompletions are a very welcome addition! I have a few questions:

In Atom, there were completions even with nested dictionaries or objects. I have checked and this does nto seem to be the case. E.g.:

dict = Dict(:a => "a", :b => Dict(:c => "c")) # no suggestions after dict[:b]

Is this deliberate or a technical/performance constraint?

Should the JuliaFormatter be added to each project manually?

And lastly, how can I get JET.jl to display those inline messages? I have checked the option Julia: Show runtime diagnostics in Settings and ran one example, but doesn’t seem to do the trick. Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance!

No, I don’t think so. Sounds like a bug.

You don’t need to add that package to your environments at all.

No, that should work. Do note that you’ll need to be on Julia 1.7 to get a JET version that can display diagnostics in VS Code though.

My bad, I had some performance issues previously and I had deactivated it on the global VS Code settings. Anecdotically, seems much faster now :slight_smile:

So the GUI setting in VS Code seem not to actually add the option. I added it manually and still does not seem to work.

  "julia.showRuntimeDiagnostics": true,

Would it help if I open proper bug reports?

Julia Version 1.7.0-rc2
Commit f23fc0d27a (2021-10-20 12:45 UTC)
Platform Info:
  OS: Linux (x86_64-pc-linux-gnu)
  CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-10510U CPU @ 1.80GHz
  LIBM: libopenlibm
  LLVM: libLLVM-12.0.1 (ORCJIT, skylake)

VS Code 1.62.2, updated 3 days ago.

Make sure you installed JET version 0.5 or higher. In a case the problem persists even after you confirm that, please raise an issue at julia-vscode repository with the description of your environment.


I have and will do at some point today, thank you.

Many of the issues mentioned here should be fixed with v1.5.5:

  • Runtime completions can now be properly disabled (#2551)
  • Code execution keybindings are now consistent for Weave files (#2551)
  • Introduced a helpful warning when @profview failed to collect any traces (#2551)
  • The REPL is now terminated when VS Code is closed, which should work around issues introduced by the terminal.integrated.enablePersistentSessions setting (#2551)
  • Fixed various issues with the integrated table viewer (#2551)
  • It’s now once again possible to use the Run/Debug in New Process commands concurrently (#2551)

Brilliant thanks - can confirm that the table viewer now works as expected on the example I posted above!


Hi, thanks for the hard work.

I am a bit confused. Up to now, I used ctrl+enter to execute “active” line, and it worked even in the for loop body. Now, I can use shift + enter or ctrl + enter, but both commands execute a whole for loop. The same for function.

Is there a way how to get the previous behaviour?

So this means it makes no sense to install the Julia Formatter Extension?

Probably. That extension allows you to customize formatting via settings though, which is not something the Julia extension does (or will do).

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Another question (or maybe a feature request). It would be nice to get some highlighting on Julia code blocks inside markdown documents. In particular I am referring to Documenter.jl pages. So if I write a @example block, it just looks like this:


No highlight, neither on the .md source, nor on the preview pane.

If there is no Github issue about this I could open one. Just not sure if I should open on the VS code extension repo, or on Documenter.jl, or somewhere else.