[ANN] Interpolations.jl v0.13.x

Hello all,

I would like to announce the registration of Interpolations.jl v0.13.0.

This marks my first release as the new maintainer for Interpolations.jl after @tim.holy stepped down as maintainer. The new release includes developer documentation by Tim, the beginnings of Lanczos interpolation by @mileslucas, and a few minor and testing fixes.

My first priority now that v0.13.0 has been released is to work down the pull request queue. Thus I expect v0.13.1 could be a bit rough around the edges as many new features are integrated. In v0.13.2 I hope to smooth out those edges and focus some some performance enhancements with the new features.

If you have a package that depends heavily on Interpolations.jl and would like the maintainers (currently just me) to test compatibility as new changes are merged in, please let me know here.

[edit: Added link to v0.13.0 Release]


It is great to see you stepping up for this! :parachute:


I find it helps announcements when there is a link to the GitHub repo.


Thank you for this!

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Thank you @mkitti, this is an important package!

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Yep, congrats, and thanks for supporting the community!


Thank you for stepping up as a maintainer @mkitti!

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