ANN: Geophysics.jl


New package: Geophysics.jl

I’m posting this announcement on behalf of the author, who told me that he’s looking for open source contribution. The author is not here but active on Reddit. If you are interested in this domain, please take a look at his repo and communicate with him via Reddit or GitHub. You can find his announcement on Reddit here.


Looks nice. But so much @pure, how do you extend that.

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I have a comment that I will also open on github as well, but first I’ll post it here to see what the rest of the community thinks. After all I might just be thinking about it wrong.

Isn’t the name of this package overly general and could even miss-lead a newcomer? I’d say Geophysics is a really large branch of the geosciences, but this package seems to focus specifically on providing values of pressure, temperature and other variables of the atmosphere at a given height. Wouldn’t a more fitting name be something like Atmospheres.jl?


Working in geophysics, I can only underline this!

The package warns that its scope “is not limited to atmospheric data: other geophysical data features can be added for oceans, temperature and pressure inside the planets, as well as electrical and magnetic properties of planets.”. Maybe it could be called “PlanetExteriorGeophysics.jl”, or something like that.

Agree completely. Besides, although Atmospheric and Physical Oceanography are sub-domains of Geophysics when one refer simply to Geophysics that is typical understood as Solid Earth Geophysics.

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There is already also SeisModels.jl

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Another suggestion could be: GeospherePhysics , following the reference Williams, R. [2012] The Earth System, USGS