[ANN] Fezzik.jl: build locally for better integration with VSCode

Fezzik.jl simplifies the process of building custom sys images,
Without a custom sysimg , working with Julia and going through the same jitting over and over again is a pain.

However up until now the default brute_build_julia() would replace the original sysimg with the newly minted one. Recently it became un-stable for me because VSCode(VSCodeServer.jl) which is my main IDE for Julia, keeps crashing when not seeing the original sysimg.

The up-side of VScode Julia is that it can use a custom sysimg locally

So that the language server can use the vanilla Julia, and the current project can use the custom sysimg.

For that matter I added brute_build_local() that simply dumps the newly minted sysimg in the current working directory with the name JuliaSysimage which is the name VSCode looks for when considering local custom sysimg.

Just make sure that VSCode Julia environment points to the project the custom sysimg was built in

Screen Shot 2021-06-30 at 12.19.30

in this example the name of the project I am working on is RegPyrNet