[ANN] EasyML.jl v0.2.0 - a foolproof way of doing ML with GUI elements

A new version of EasyML.jl has been released.

With our package it is possible to:

  • Design a neural network

  • Train a neural network

  • Validate a neural network

  • Apply a neural network to new data

Classification, regression and segmentation on images are currently fully supported.

Release highlights

  • Modular design (Design, DataPreparation, Training, Validation and Application modules) allowing for easier and asymmetric development.

  • Training module supports any data and any model.

  • Support for other ML libraries can be easily added on request to the Training module.

  • Added tests. 94% code coverage.

  • Added Linux support


Any help (suggestions, PRs, donations, joining the association) is welcome.

What does currently prevent you from using EasyML? What would you like to be added?