ANN: DiceRolls.jl

Hi all, I am pleased to announce the release of the package Dices.jl, DiceRolls.jl for playing around with dice rolls, histograms, and other fun stuff. Nothing exceptional, just having fun. If someone decides to create a virtual tabletop, it should be helpful :slight_smile:



Cool! Using the implicit multiplication to make roll(3d4) work is a great idea :slightly_smiling_face:

<begin linguistics rant>

By the way, the plural “dices” is fairly uncommon in English. Originally, the singular was “die” (still used occasionally) and the plural was “dice”. American English has shifted towards using “dice” both as the singular and plural, but “dices” as a plural is rarely used (I’ve never actually seen it before, although it does appear in some dictionaries).

“Fun” fact: The word “pea” in English as a singular unit of “peas” is actually the result of a similar linguistic change from hundreds of years ago: Originally, there was only “peas” or “pease”, meaning a collection of grain, much like “corn”, or “what” (edit: “wheat”, sorry) which have no singular form. The idea of “pea” being the singular of “peas” is a result of people mistaking the “s” at the end of “pease” for a plural marker. Basically, English plurals are a mess.

<end linguistics rant>


What’s that? (Ha ha, is what’s the plural of what)
Perhaps it is “wheat”?


Whoops, yeah, should have been “wheat”.

:man_facepalming: Thanks for pointing out, @rdeits. I think that crossed my mind at some point but I pushed it back for some reason. Since it conflicts with DICE.jl and Dice.jl would only has four letters, I’m gonna change the name to DiceRolls.jl.


@rdeits @abelsiqueira

Regarding the package name:


If you ask me, Dice ≠ “dice”, hence Dices is a legit plural of Dice. With that name it’s clear that the package is exporting the Dice type.

Interesting take on the subject, but I think I prefer the DiceRolls name, and I also export a DiceRoll, so that also works.