Ann: DataFramesMeta.jl v0.14.0 Release

I am please to announce the 0.14.0 release

At the outset, I apologize for the breaking change. Adding new features requires a minor version bump, yet because we are 1.0 this requires a breaking release. This is unfortunate. We are working on getting a 1.0 release quickly to prevent this in the future.

You can see release notes here. The primary feature added in this release is the rename macro.

@rename df :newname = :oldname`

Consistent with other DataFramesMeta.jl macros

  1. You can use a “block” format
@rename df begin
    :a2 = :a
    :b2 = :b
  1. is a mutating version @rename!.

  2. You are not restricted to Symbol literals

my_new_name = "A new name"
my_old_name = "An old name"
@rename df $my_new_name = $my_old_name

The release also contains a bugfix, in the case of working with protected expressions on the RHS

@rtransform df :y = ^(:a) # set to a literal symbol `:a`

as well as a major clean-up of typos in the documentation.

A big thank you to @Matthew others for their work on this!