[ANN] DashBio.jl: package with a set of higher-level components like alignment chart, Forna container, Speck and many more

I am excited to announce the release of DashBio.jl, a suite of bioinformatics components that make it simpler to analyze and visualize bioinformatics data and interact with them in a Dash application by Plotly. Now all biologists using Julia can visualize their data interactively in a web-based dashboard.The extensive documentation has a lot of examples and you can try them out by installing DashBio.jl. Features include visualization tools for:

  • Alignment Chart
  • Forna Container
  • Ideogram
  • Igv
  • Molecule 2d Viewer
  • Molecule 3d Viewer
  • Needle Plot
    and many more
    The complete documentation with examples can be found on https://dash-julia.plotly.com/dash-bio

Looks great, @kool7d may be interested too.

Where is the Julia API? The docs seem to contain Python code?


Oh I think this is the expected interface: Dash Bio | Dash for Julia Documentation | Plotly

@juliohm : Dash Bio | Dash for Julia Documentation | Plotly this is the documentation with examples. There is no python code

Though Iā€™m not doing this kind of research I find it interesting.

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Thanks for the heads up! :slight_smile:
I appreciate your help.

This looks great! Maybe I could use some of this, directly or for inspiration.

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