[ANN] Czoo.jl - project to provide examples of using ccall with Julia and C Code examples - also call for contributors

The other day I had some questions about using CCALL. While the Julia code was MWE the C code needed 25Gb of data !

As a beginner to interfacing with C libraries I thought I would build some MWE examples to enable me to check my assumptions and not be fighting both the C code and the Julia while trying to learn.

I hope this might be useful for others in my footsteps.

As I am learning myself, I would fully welcome anyone else’s contributions to this, should anyone feel inclined. I certainly am likely to make mistakes.



Is there a link?

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ha - oops. It is only basic so far.

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I wish for more example for the opposite, having Julia code embedded in C.

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This time last week I had never used ccall

Every journey starts with a single step, and all that

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