[ANN] Call for Proposals: PASC19 conference in Zurich [Economics]

I am currently putting together a short list of invited speakers for PASC19. Below is the call for papers. I am looking for applications in Economics. It would be awesome to have someone showing off a julia application - so please apply! Instructions below.

Call for Papers

We are calling for submissions to participate in the Economics emerging domains session within the Platform for Advanced Scientific Computing (https://pasc19.pasc-conference.org) conference, to be held from 12-14 June 2019 in Zurich, Switzerland. PASC is one of the largest scientific computing conferences worldwide, this year joinly organized by Simon Scheidegger (of Brumm and Scheidegger ECTA 2017). You should imagine the pendant of the EEA or the AEA conference in the world of scientific computing.

For the second year running, PASC wants to reach out to “emerging application domains”, next to its traditional fields in the hard sciences. Economics is one of those. I am putting together a short list of speakers to participate in a so-called “Mini-Symposium” (think “invited session”), which will bring together Economists speaking about their computational applications.

The field of the actual application is pretty open. Given we have another Symposium about “Structural Micro”, this workshop will welcome everything that can weekly associate itself with “Macro”.

The primary value of this workshop for you as a presenter is that for once you don’t have to relegate the details of your implementation to your last appendix and don’t mention a word about it in your talk; On the contrary, here we want to know exactly “how you have done it”, what were the issues you faced, and how worked around them. There will be people in the room, also from outside our discipline but with insights to other numerical fields, who may have valuable comments on what you are doing. It’s not necessary that you have used an HPC system in your application.

The secondary value is that you will be able to get a feel what computational scientists in other disciplines are working on at the moment, and how this could relate to your work. This will be right at the frontier of research, so expect a lot of exciting new things to learn about.

How to apply

Please send an email to florian.oswald@sciencespo.fr with a short abstract/description of what you would like to talk about for 25 minutes by 15th of October. We cannot provide any funding unfortunately.