ANN: BoundingSphere.jl

ANN: BoundingSphere.jl

BoundingSphere.jl is a package, that allows to find smallest spheres that enclose a given set of points. Basic usage is as follows:

using BoundingSphere

pts = [randn(3) for _ in 1:10]
center, radius = boundingsphere(pts)

using StaticArrays
pts = [@SVector(randn(3)) for _ in 1:10] # use static arrays for performance
algorithm = Ritter() # fast but inaccurate
center, radius = boundingsphere(pts, algorithm) # customize algorithm

BoundingSphere.jl is the successor of Miniball.jl and maintained by Jukka Aho, Tero Frondelius, @ovainola and myself.


I guess we should also think: How do I deprecate a package?