[ANN] BLPData.jl - Bloomberg API wrapper

To all Bloomberg Anywhere users everywhere, BLPData.jl is now available.

Async query support, subscription to real-time data, and message schema discovery are among the package features.



I tried to remotely control a Bloomberg terminal desktop at my work place but it did not work well. Is it possible for your package to allow remote access to a Bloomberg terminal?

From Bloomberg API Docs: “The Desktop API is used when the end-user application resides on the same machine as the installed Bloomberg Professional service and connects to the local Bloomberg Communications Server (BBComm) to obtain data from the Bloomberg Data Center.”

So you really can’t connect to a remote Bloomberg terminal to retrieve data, because that is not allowed by Bloomberg. For this kind of thing you need a different Bloomberg product, like the Data License, or the Server API. This package could be used to build an App for Server API.

Is it possible to use the remote development functionality of VSCode with your package to work around this problem?

As far as I know, if you have a Bloomberg Anywhere license then you should be able to run Bloomberg on your local desktop. If you have access to a Bloomberg terminal (perhaps sharing with others at your workplace), then from a legal standpoint you are not allowed to access the data remotely.

If you do have a Bloomberg Anywhere license but don’t want to run it locally, then you can probably work around the restriction by running a service on the remote terminal that exposes a REST endpoint to serve requests from your local computer.