[ANN] BioMakie.jl v0.3.0 - Stable with examples

BioMakie.jl seems to be in a stable state with possibly useful examples available and a little bit of documentation. Test it out when you get a chance! :slight_smile:



Contributing and questions

Anyone can contribute to this package, by doing things like reporting bugs, fixing issues, improving performance, adding new features, and adding examples. Feel free to open an Issue or Pull Request, or communicate on the biology or makie channels of the Julia Slack.


This package provides plotting functions for protein structures, multiple sequence alignments, and some other related plots like protein structure contact maps. It also provides more complicated examples that show off additional functionality and interfaces. The main plotting functions are plotstruc and plotmsa, along with their mutating versions, plotstruc! and plotmsa!.

Implemented packages:

Significant or full coverage:

  • BioStructures.jl
  • MIToS.jl
  • FastaIO.jl
  • FASTX.jl

Some coverage:

  • MolecularGraph.jl
  • ProtoSyn.jl

Implemented visualizations:

  • Structures
    • Ball and stick, spacefilling, covalent representations
    • Selections
    • Alpha shapes
  • Multiple sequence alignments
    • Grid display
    • Selections
    • Frequency plot
  • Data acquisition and GPT-3.5-turbo API
  • Mutating structural residues with ProtoSyn

To Do:

  • Non-standard and modified amino acids
  • Connect MSA and structure plot
  • Protein dynamics
  • Better support for ligands and multiple chains
  • Database web API interfaces
  • WGLMakie support
  • More examples

You should add a link to the package and docs :wink:

Seriously, amazing work!

I forget the most obvious things sometimes, thanks!

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