[ANN] Announcing Utilitas.jl

Announcing Utilitas.jl
Just some methods for Package management

OP, could you give some more information about what this package does?

Perhaps you can write a readme or use Documenter to create docs?

Is this package being submitted to the general registry? If you plan on doing so, could you consider a more specific name? LIke PkgSearch or similar?


@pdeffebach I’ve written a README.md, which has all the functions. The package is not big enough to require explicit docs
Also, currently, I don’t have plans of registering it, but PkgSearch is misleading as searching functions are not specifically the only ones which I plan to implement.
I thought of PkgUtils but someone’s already using that, and for visibility I didn’t want to use the same name. Utilitas is the Latin for Utility (I guess)