[ANN] Announcing Survey.jl for analysis of complex surveys

Hi everyone,

We are pleased to announce the registration of Survey.jl for analysis of complex surveys.

You can get started by running add Survey in pkg mode.

Current feature highlights include:

  • Support for arbitrary survey sampling designs, including simple random sampling, stratified, cluster, multistage cluster, multistage stratified and probability proportional to size sampling

  • Summary statistics such as mean, total, ratio, and quantile estimated for whole sample

  • Subpopulation/domain estimation for all summary statistics

  • Variance estimation using Rao-Wu bootstrap. Single stage approximation of multistage sampling schemes.

  • Statistical graphics including scatterplot, histograms and boxplots

The package is built on top of DataFrames.jl, and supports a variety of features for data manipulation. Plots are generated using AlgebraOfGraphics. The API is supportive of user-defined custom replicate methods.

The package is actively developed and maintained, and we invite user contributions and feedback.


GitHub - xKDR/Survey.jl: Analysis of Complex Surveys

Documentation home page

Quick start guide - Getting started with Survey.jl

Complete API reference

Please see above links and documentation to get started with Survey analysis in Julia.

We gratefully acknowledge the JuliaLab at MIT for financial support for this project.