An error related to JuMP and Clp: symbol lookup error: /home/paalon/.julia/packages/Clp/GpVOR/deps/usr/lib/ undefined symbol: dgetrf_

I randomly encounter the following error only in Linux (Mac doesn’t show this error) when I try to solve a linear programming by JuMP and Clp:

julia: symbol lookup error: /home/paalon/.julia/packages/Clp/GpVOR/deps/usr/lib/ undefined symbol: dgetrf_

The versions of Julia and packages are:

  • Julia v1.0.3
  • JuMP v0.18.5+ #a1d333e
  • Clp v0.6.0

I cannot understand the meaning of this error and I fail to determine the reason why this error occurs randomly. Does anyone have any information?

I just ran into this crash today. I’m mostly lost as well but I can say that JuMP has nothing todo with it. Also I can reliably reproduce it, although it takes in the order of 20 minutes to get there. Running under gdb didn’t give me a backtrace (“no stack”). I’ll see if I can isolate the last call into Clp and see if that’s sufficient to reproduce the crash on its own.

It was sufficient. Now I can get the crash in a few minutes from

using MathProgBase.SolverInterface, Clp, JLD2, SparseArrays
@load "clpcrash.jld2" data
model = LinearQuadraticModel(ClpSolver())
loadproblem!(model, data...)

with a 28 MB data file.

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