Always display the methods definition when displaying the documentation

By default, if a function has a docstring, only the content of the docstring is displayed.
I would like to always have the description of the methods when displaying the documentation of a function. In the way that Juno does it.

For example, for a function ‘greet’ with two methods and a doc string

Instead of having this:

help?> MyJuliaProject.greet
  A great function

I would like to have this:

help?> MyJuliaProject.greet
  A great function

# 2 methods for generic function "greet":
[1] greet(name::String) in MyJuliaProject at /home/myuser/CODE/sandbag/julia/MyJuliaProject.jl/src/MyJuliaProject.jl:10
[2] greet() in MyJuliaProject at /home/myuser/CODE/sandbag/julia/MyJuliaProject.jl/src/MyJuliaProject.jl:5

Is there a way to configure julia to have this behaviour?


DocStringExtensions JuliaHub can automatically put function signatures into docstrings.

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