Alternative to `deps/build.jl` to download and process data

So far, binary dependencies of ArcadeLearningEnvironment are downloaded and processed during the build step. Processing consists basically of unrar, unzip, renaming files based on md5 sums and deleting obsolete files. This fails occasionally. I would like this to be more robust.

I was wondering of I could include the steps of the build script in ArcadeLearning_jll. Is this the right way to do it, or is there a better alternative?

If it is the right way, can I use the non-_jll package MD5 in the build_tarballs.jl? (I started to experiment with BinaryBuilder.run_wizard() but ran into this issue, which is why I ask here for some guidance).

If this is just about verifying MD5 sums in the build script, the md5sum command should be available inside the sandbox environment.

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