BinaryBuilder.jl updating library version and downloading dependencies


I’m looking at switching from BinDeps.jl to BinaryProvider.jl and I have 2 questions and possible solutions, but I’m not sure whether they are the best solutions.

  1. How do I download dependencies of the binary dependencies?
    I have a C++ library that my Julia package needs and the C++ library depends on 3 other libraries which already have BinaryProvider scripts. I need all 4 of them as they are linked dynamically. My solution is to download these 4 scripts and eval them.

  2. If I want to upgrade the dependency libfoo in a new version of the Julia Package, it wouldn’t because the file is already there.
    My solution was to set ARGS=[joinpath(@__DIR__, "libfoo-$version") and eval the 4 scripts. This is not that great because I cannot update just a dependency.

Let me know if there are better solutions for the above problems