Allocations (again...)

When I run

using BenchmarkTools

function test(x, Y)
    sum!(x, Y')
    return nothing

x = rand(Float64, 100)
Y = rand(Float64, 1, 100)
@btime(test(x, Y))

I get the following:

367.952 ns (2 allocations: 96 bytes)

I don’t think I should get any allocations. Can someone please explain what’s going on? And how can I avoid such allocations? (In my real application I have to do a similar computation millions of times.)

Thank you in advance.

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that’s quite nothing

julia> @btime test($x,$Y);
  372.976 ns (2 allocations: 96 bytes)
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Where and how is test() defined? We would need to know to tell where the allocations are coming from.

The code I have shown was fully typed on a .jl file

It’s a lot if you cycle it through tens of thousands of times

If you restart Julia and run that code you’ll see it error out. In the shown snippet you only define a two argument method, and then run one with zero arguments. Possibly you’ve defined that one before, and it contains something that allocates.

Sorry, I’ve pasted the wrong code. I’ll update it.

I have updated it and I still get 2 allocations

I think that Y' allocates (write a loop instead, for example).


What? When did that start? Adjoints have never allocated as far as I know.


julia> @btime test($x, $Y)
  124.499 ns (0 allocations: 0 bytes)

No allocations here, @aaraujo71

I do see the reported allocations in v1.8.2 under macos (arm)

julia> @btime(test($x, $Y))
  358.333 ns (2 allocations: 96 bytes)

EDIT: the issue is the adjoint. Without it, we’re back to zero allocations. I think it is indeed a bug.
EDIT2: no allocations on v1.8.1 on linux! 2 allocations in macos v1.9.0.alpha1

Zero allocations on 1.8.0 on Windows, that is with the adjoint.

And again 2 allocation in 1.8.3 under linux. It seems there is a regression that was introduced in 1.8.2 or 1.8.3

Opened an issue

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Thank you all. I am reprogramming may whole functions using loops.

It shouldn’t really be necessary. I mean, loops are fine, but it’s too bad to have to use them over clean simple function calls like sum!. This here seems like a spurious allocation, which will possibly be fixed in a patch release in not too long.