All Repository Packages Containing Substring

If I want to find all packages on the Julia repository that contain the string “csv” (either in the title or the short description). I read the Pkg information again, but could not find a native Julia way. Fortunately, there is an easy alternative. For the most part, I have been relying on google and then on This is fine if this is the recommended way to do this. Is it?

For registered packages, you can try searching directly.

From the link: Sorry, we had to truncate this directory to 1,000 files. 1,280 entries were omitted from the list.

and it does not have the short description.

In the upper left there should be a search field - that one can search just that repository.

Yeah, I think the short description is just the one set in each github repo separately - having a better way to search those would indeed be awesome.

well, maybe “my” method looking through n works best. just hoping that it covers all packages…

I believe is no longer updated (?)

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I have a few scripts in R I used to do similar things…
The approach I recommend is to

  1. Parse the registry to find the package and repository (most are in Github)
    • You get the name of the package here
  2. Use the Github API to get the description and optionally parse the README
    • If given a few months, packages can start using the keywords in the Project.toml and you can get these directly from the registry
  3. Profit
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