Airbus Quantum Computing Challenge

This may be of some interest to people here.
The Airbus Quantum Computing Challenge (AQCC) addresses aerospace flight physics problems developed by company experts. Airbus is providing the quantum computing community with a unique opportunity to test and assess the newly-available computing capabilities to solve some of our most difficult and complex problems, and in doing so, further legitimize and fuel progress of this technology.


Specs are at if you don’t want to register.

This is a very strange beast. It looks a bit like if somebody designed a perfectly good simulation/optimization challenge, and then somebody else (who apparently lives in a world where quantum computers exist and solve PDEs and large-scale optimization problems) took that and replaced every second word by “quantum”. Also, it’s a competition that has no well-defined objectives, expects people to perform substantive work on the specific problems of a private company and has no prize, which is certainly novel.


What is the prize?
What programming language, tool or framework must be used?

Sounds more like a call for proposals for collaborative work rather than a challenge with a prize in the typical sense.

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@juan I think the tools or languages are not fixed. As @mohamed82008 sys this is a proposal fo collaborative work.

For CFD they mentioned a hybrid algorithm with a reference implementation in SU2