Agents.jl v3

I am very please to announce Agents.jl version 3.0 was just tagged in the general registry! This is a huge release! Here is the new documentation and here is the github link: Agents.jl.

Mandatory eye candy:




A while back we’ve made a post on how one can use Agents.jl to model COVID-19 related scenarios using a graph as space. The logo of our v3 is in fact the standard social distancing animation you see all over the place. But now the “socially distant agents” spell Agents.jl :wink:

Here are some highlights of the release 3.0:

  • Continuous space is fully supported.
  • Several new functions added to the API.
  • Several unifications of the API: the API is now almost identical no matter your spatial structure: graph, grid or continuous.
  • Flexible but simple plotting of models for any space: you can animate almost any model with 5 lines of code.
  • New and more powerful data collection scheme.
  • Vast simplification of source code.
  • Better support for Mixed Agent Models.
  • Many quality of life updates here and there, that make accessing things easier.

A full list of changes, including breaking changes can be found in the changelog.


Ops, forgot to mention that now Agents.jl has a new 3rd maintainer member, @Libbum ! Welcome and thanks for your amazing work!

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It’s been a pleasure watching what you guys have done with Agents.jl. Nice work! Onward and upward! :rocket:


I have dabbled in agent based modeling using Mesa, Mason and Netlogo. I can honestly say Agents.jl is simpler, yet more powerful and flexible. The developers have done a great job designing this package. :+1: