After using DynamicalSystems, I don't have "lyapunovx"

Hey, I just set up my Julia environment (1.9.0) and installed some packages. I tried

using DynamicalSystems
lorenz = ContinuousDynamicalSystem(lorenz_rule, u₀, p₀)

and get the error:

UndefVarError: `lyapunovs` not defined

 [1] top-level scope
   @ In[37]:1

However, I have access to lyapunov for the maximal Lyapunov Exponent.
I have "DynamicalSystems" => v"3.0.0".

This seems very strange to me. Can anyone offer some help? Thanks!

lyapunovs was the function defined in older versions of DynamicalSystems.jl. If you have installed the version 3.0.0, then call it as lyapunovspectrum:

function lorenz_rule(u, p, t)
    σ = p[1]; ρ = p[2]; β = p[3]
    du1 = σ*(u[2]-u[1])
    du2 = u[1]*(ρ-u[3]) - u[2]
    du3 = u[1]*u[2] - β*u[3]
    return SVector{3}(du1, du2, du3)

lrz = CoupledODEs(lorenz_rule, [0,10.0,1.0], [10, 32, 8/3])
lp = lyapunovspectrum(lrz, 10000; Δt = 0.1)

I see. Thank you so much!