Lyapunov spectrum for a user-defined dynamical system

I have seen the nice documentation here about calculating the Lyapunov spectrum for a dynamical system defined in DynamicalSystems.jl . I have a dynamical system (which is a discretized PDE) which I time-integrate using ODEProblem and solve from DifferentialEquations.jl. Is there a way to calculate the Lyapunov spectrum using the solution generated from the latter call?



I believe the intended way to do this would be to wrap your equation
into a ContinuousDynamicalSystem (see )
and then pass it to the lyapunovs function.

If you need more specific arguments for the solve function then have a look at the advanced docs

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Hi ! @AhmedAlreweny
Would you mind sharing how exactly to do this? I have a custom-defined dynamical system and would like to calculate its lyapunov exponent without using the pre-defined lyapunovs function. Is there a way to do this within the DifferentialEquations.jl framework? Also I would like to do this for varying parmaters and initial conditions!