Admin panel front end with julia


I would like to connect a front-end admin panel/dashboard to a Julia library from localhost web browser. The front end needs a left panel and on a right and some dashboards, tables, texts and reactive button. For instance :

I do not have experience on web front end, so I did some research about it and opportunity to interact with my library. As everything in computer science and in other science domain, there are multiple possibilities and I am a little lost.

  • Pluto, reactive with PlutoUI, should be possible to have a left panel as an example computational thinking web site. However, I do not know the effort to get something equivalent to the web site from a blank Pluto’s notebook ;
  • Steamlit with Pycall.jl exchange and follow some well-documented example. However, I do not know exactly the glue code added by exchange with python exchange and limits of steamlit.
  • Dash Plotly. I found a template here. However, I do not know the feasibility to manage the template with the Dash Julia Library
  • Genie builder. I installed it on Visual code, and I didn’t manage to create a panel on the left, maybe I did not give enough effort to get there ;
  • Use a dedicated front end such as React-admin and try to manage exchange with Genie Framework. However, I do not know how work the exchange and limits and Javascript.

I’m wondering if anyone can give me some information in which direction should I concentrate my efforts.

Warmest regards

Another option would be to expose the Julia library as a rest api with Oxygen.jl and then use any web framework to make the rest api calls. I think Oxygen.jl will make the OpenApi docs for you as well.


Apologies for your issues with Genie Builder, it’s a little rough around the edges but we’re working on a new version that’ll be available soon.

I recommend that you check out the intro dashboard guides to see if Genie is for you. I believe it is perfect for your use case, as we have an example app with a left navigation bar here. It uses the drawer and page_container UI components, which unfortunately are undocumented but still easy to use. I’ll add an MWE to the examples gallery ASAP, if you need any help getting started you can find us on Discord Genie Community


Thanks for answering, I 'll have a look on this documentation.

Hello Pere,

Where can I have a look on the code from the example presented with the left panel?