Addprocs behavior changed in recent update -- have to enter password now

I have passwordless ssh login setup to my server like:
ssh csidrane@myserver
But then when I go into my terminal and I type:
using Distributed
addprocs([(“myserver”, 1)])

it used to work just fine! About a month ago. And now all of a sudden I am getting errors.
I was getting errors that askpass was not installed - so I installed it, but then it started asking me for a password with a prompt with an incorrect username e.g.:
A window pops up (not what I want if I am gonna run this on a server) and it says “Enter password for chelseas@myserver” which is not the username I want to be using.

Any help?

Julia 1.6
Ubuntu 20.04

If you want to use another user name, shouldn’t you say so in the machine specification string? Something like

using Distributed
addprocs([("csidrane@myserver", 1)])
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Thanks! wasn’t sure how to change the username. Now I’ve tried that and get a different error:

julia> addprocs([("csidrane@tula", 1)])
sh: 2: [: x: unexpected operator
sh: 2: [: x: unexpected operator
sh: 1: cd: can't cd to /home/chelsea
sh: 2: /home/chelsea/Software/julia-1.6.1/bin/julia: not found
ERROR: TaskFailedException

    nested task error: Unable to read host:port string from worker. Launch command exited with error?

Now Software/julia-1.6.1 is a directory that exists on my home machine but it doesn’t exist on the server tula. This hasn’t been a problem before.