Adding to a Makie.meshscatter plot

I’m not finding the right argument/function to add a new meshscatter to an existing “scene” (if that’s still the name).

using Makie

xs = cos.(1:0.5:20)
ys = sin.(1:0.5:20)
zs = LinRange(0, 3, length(xs))

meshscatter(xs, ys, zs, markersize = 0.1, color = zs)
meshscatter([0], [0], [0], markersize = 1, color = :black) # how do I add this without overwriting the previous scene?
fig, ax, p = meshscatter(...)
meshscatter!(ax, ...)

Thanks, but I forgot to mention I tried meshscatter! but get an error

UnDefVarError: meshscatter! not defined

I imagine it’s in one of the reverse-dependencies, or in a newer version (I have Makie v0.13.11)

meshscatter! has been with makie since day 1, so it can’t really be a version problem… I suppose it’s a name clash? Is that really the full code in a fresh session? Try Makie.meshscatter!

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Combination of problems I think – name clash, but also needing a specific backend, and Juno not rendering some of them (or quite possibly I’m missing something).

I got it to work with WGLMakie.meshscatter! in Juno.