Adding more lapack wrappers to base julia

I find myself in need of few additional LAPACK routines that are not currently wrapped in base Julia. What is the policy for adding new wrappers, should I make a PR?


Yes, I think that would be welcomed (makes sense to me at least). There tend to be two levels:

  1. Low-level wrappers that match BLAS and LAPACK closely but presenting a more Julian calling convention.
  2. High-level factorization-style interfaces that make specialized calls to implement fast versions of generic operations.

I would start with the first, which is pretty straightforward and uncontroversial and add doc strings and relevant tests. That should get merged pretty quickly.

Of course, be aware that new features will not be available until the next minor release, which at this point would be 1.3. But you can add an implementation of new functionality to Compat and use that to call it on earlier Julia versions.