Adding command line scripts to path when installing packages?

What’s the easiest way to add a julia script to a users path when they install a package? I’m wondering if there is a equivalent to entry_points in pythons

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I would package the script as a function in the eponymous module and just have the user do

import ThatPackage; ThatPackage.do_stuff()
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Yeah I’m looking for something more friendly for developing CLI’s. Say a user adds a package in the REPL

(@v1.4) pkg> add MyPackage

Typically you’d have to run something like.

julia <some long path to file>/cli.jl --some-flag 'hello' arg1 arg2

It’s all abit awkard. In python land once a user has run pip install my_package. Theres a mechanism to add the script to their path with an alias so you can then just run.

my-cli --some-flag 'hello' arg1 arg2
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I am not sure this is what you are looking for. In HPC it is common to use Modules


Hey yeah something like this could help if it allows me to permanently modify the users PATH then I could use it when build.jl runs. Not sure how I’d clean up thought when the package is uninstalled…

Maybe what I wrote wasn’t clear — the call would be

julia -e 'import ThatPackage; ThatPackage.do_stuff(ARGS)'

or similar. No paths, when the package is in the global environment.

If even that is too complicated, you can hide it in a bash script.


Comonicion is what is was looking for :slight_smile: