Add the default RNG as explicit type in Random?

Apparently at some point recently the default RNG was changed from MersenneTwister to some xorshift based thing. But Random still only has MersenneTwister and RandomDevice as the available generators. It seems like it’d be useful to always have whatever the default RNG is as an explicit type in Random as well, otherwise you can’t easily use an explicit RNG argument that behaves the same as the default one.

(or maybe this is just the documentation being out of date?)

The docs aren’t out of date. Xoshiro based rngs are added in 1.7, which isn’t fully released yet (we’re still at rc1). Once 1.7 is released, the docs will have this change.


Ah, that makes sense! Ha, I’ve been using 1.7 betas for so long I’d forgotten it hadn’t been actually released yet!