Add dev packages to Pkg environment outside of Project.toml

I don’t want dependencies like Plots and Revise in my package, but it’s nice to use those packages in development. Is there a place I can specify “development packages” for a Pkg environment that don’t get added to my Project.toml?

(Maybe I’m misunderstanding something about package environments. Also, I actually don’t personally suffer from this problem, since I use a PackageCompiler image with my dev packages. But PRs to some packages I work on are incurring Plots and Revise in their Project.toml.)

If a package isn’t found in the current active environment, it falls back to looking in the global environment (the (@v1.6) pkg> one or whichever you use, the order of fallbacks is controlled by Base.LOAD_PATH), so you can put stuff in there that you only need for dev work like Plots, Revise, BenchmarkTools, etc…

Fantastic. I will write some “contribution instructions” to add development packages to the global environment. Thanks!