About this: Error: curl_easy_setopt: 48

Why I cant import package on a website’s providing terminal with GPU. I could do it under the environment of CPU.

c.f. Julia 1.6.0 package manager - error message "noise" in custom Docker image on add/update

I’m not sure I understand these sentences. In any case, the download / fetching seems to start eventually, so, apart from the annoying warnings and errors, is there a real problem here? Does the Fetching not finish?

I saw your link about the noise part. I understand that it is not an actual issue if it finally finish the download.
Although it start downloading, it stucked at 8.8% and never finish download and it cost me more than half an hour to get 8.8%.

It is like a online compiler with GPU supported. It have both CPU and GPU environment. When I chose the CPU environment it is doing ok, but GPU is like the thing in the pic.