About garbage collection

How does garbage collection work in julia?
Does it affect high performance scientific computing?
As someone with no computer science background, and also new to programming, should i worry about it in the future?
Also i am new to discourse so I apologize if i did something wrong


Pretty well.

Generally not. With a bit of effort you can make your code allocate very little, usually.

No. For a lot of use cases GC works well. In case it doesn’t, Julia has the tools to investigate allocations and you can modify your code in the hotspots as needed.


Definitely nothing wrong! But your question is a very general one, so it may be hard to give you a sufficiently helpful answer.

As a newcomer to programming, you shouldn’t have to worry about the details of garbage collection yet. The whole point of systems like garbage collection is to make it easier for you to write correct code without having to think about the details of managing memory directly. Eventually you’ll need at least some understanding of how the GC affects high-performance code, but you definitely don’t need to start there.


thanks for your response. :3