Able to use Plots without adding it to the active environment

As the title implies, I am able to use Plots without adding it to the active environment.
It does not disrupt my workflow; in fact, it’s very convenient for testing my modules. I just created the thread because I would like to learn why this happens - is Plots now part of the base packages? I’m still on 1.7.3, if that matters.

Environments are stacked:

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Was this previously the case as well? I might have the wrong idea but I think I remember I might have needed to explicitly add a module (that was present on my default env) to the active environment before, as it complained in the REPL.

This has been the case as far as I can remember (I’ve been using Julia since 0.3, although I didn’t work much with environments in the early days).

You might be thinking of developing a package and running tests on that package, in which case you do need to add it to the package’s env to get it into the Project.toml?

That’s exactly what I meant. I was probably confusing instances where I called the package-in-development with instances where I simply had the corresponding env activated and I called a package in the REPL (when it wasn’t in the Project.toml). I assume that by calling it in the REPL it it be recognized if it’s in the default env0 (because of stacking), whereas it will complain if it’s called inside the module’s code itself.