Tired of scrolling through long error messages? Check out my package, AbbreviatedStackTraces!

It’s experimental and works by straight overwriting base Julia methods, so it isn’t in the registry.

To try it out:

using AbbreviatedStackTraces

It works by hiding stack frames that you aren’t likely interested in, all the internals of the various packages you’re using. (But you can see them all by typing err, and they’re not hidden at all when you’re running a worker process or running Julia code outside of the REPL.)

BioTurboNick/AbbreviatedStackTraces.jl (

I think something like this would be really useful to get into Base Julia eventually. But for now, try it out here.


Awesome! I genuinely hope that some form of this gets merged into Base Julia! The people I wasn’t able to convince to switch to Julia told me that “error messages are ununderstandable” and they can’t spend so much time trying to understand them!

Removing the often overwhelming amount of clutter will certainly help new comers.