A question about Fuzzy C-means code

using RDatasets, Clustering, Plots
using DataFrames
using CSV
iris = dataset("datasets", "iris"); # load the data
features = collect(Matrix(iris[:, 1:4])'); # features to use for clustering
result = fuzzy_cmeans(features, 3, 4, maxiter=150, display=:iter)
scatter(iris.PetalLength, iris.PetalWidth, marker_z=result.centers,color=:lightrainbow, legend=false)

there are questions about my code
it shows
ERROR: LoadError: error compiling _plot!: error compiling _display: could not load library “libGR.dll”
The specified module could not be found.
why?thank you !!

Sounds like your GR installation isn’t working properly (GR is the default backend for Plots). Try rebuilding it by doing ]build GR

I have already built the “GR” but it does not work :fearful:,thank you any way.