A new fast language with good array support and REPL

I recently came across this new language called V language. It claims to be as fast as C. More interestingly, it has a very straightforward array syntax and a REPL. I guess these two features may make it a good language for scientific computing.


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No multi dim arrays ?

This can be a good source for Julia developers to learn how to further enhance the Julia, for instance its C translator/conversion or the compiler.

Nothing mentioned here:
Searching the website for BLAS gives nothing:
So probably not much fast like it claims

It is a scam language, it doesn’t even work, claims a lot delivers nothing. There was a lot of drama on many sites regarding this. And the author collected money for this on Patreon.

https://github.com/vlang/v/issues Seems correct, apparently it does not even compile helo world

And regarding claims of converting C to V, it is a very hard thing to develop. You might want to check the c2rust project, which does exactly this, but for Rust language. If you dive into the sources, it is kind of complex, requires efforts of a whole team, and still targets manual refactoring after the automated conversion.

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Well, I don’t think converting C to Julia has less importance compared to the reverse conversion, because we can already call C from Julia.
But the reverse is very useful specially for embeded programming.
Because not every micro processor can run full Julia during run time, but they can run C executables.
Here is the Julia to C converter project:


I wouldn’t call it a scam.
It is a language which was designed especially for the development of a chat client/messenger called VOLT (https://volt-app.com/). It is probably just in some early stage of a language.

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