A categorical speaking indictment - making scientific computing more relevant to the general public

Perhaps a way to increase Julia’s relevance to the general public is by increasing scientific computing’s relevance to the general public. For example, the following diagram generated by Julia and GLMakie is a summary of the recent speaking indictment (that includes no pictures or diagrams) against former U.S. president Donald Trump about the 2020 presidential election. The diagram’s abstraction reveals context that is difficult to see from just reading the text-only speaking indictment. The bottom of the diagram includes a description of Julia.

This essay includes the Julia and GLMakie code in its appendix.


I finally completed the above referenced essay (A Categorical Speaking Indictment - Can category theory improve speaking indictments?) and I entered it in this year’s Summer of Math Exposition (SoME) that starts 18 Aug. The Julia and GLMakie code in the essay’s appendix is now extended to also plot the following category theory diagram showing the numbers of the paragraphs that describe the three sustained efforts alleged in the speaking indictment.

Due to the popularity of the Summer of Math Exposition, there will probably be several readers of the Julia code in the essay’s appendix who are new to Julia. If anyone here reviews the code in the appendix and notices any places where I overlooked best practices, please let me know within the next few days and I’ll fix it. (I don’t want to be a source of bad habits in new Julia users.)

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