3D object rotation in Makie doesn't seem to work well on wide aspect ratio monitors

On my 21:9 aspect ratio monitor the rotation increment angle is so large that the teeniest movement of the mouse makes the object rotate by such a large angle that it is impossible to orient objects the way you want them.

It appears that the smallest angle I can rotate a 3D object by is on the order of 30-40 degrees, maybe more.

Has anybody else had this problem with Makie on wide aspect ratio monitors?

If you’re using an LScene you can adjust cameracontrols(ax.scene).attributes.mouse_rotationspeed[] = 0.5f

@ffreyer I tried your suggestion but it didn’t seem to have any effect. I tried .5f0 and then .01f0 when the first value didn’t do anything. The view still jumped around with the smallest mouse movement. Is there something else that needs to be done?

Here is the code I modified to include the mouse rotation speed change. The variable lscene is of type Makie.MakieLayout.LScene.

function draw!(ob; kwargs...)
    if current_3d_scene === nothing
        scene, lscene = Vis.scene()
        scene = current_main_scene
        lscene = current_3d_scene
    Makie.cameracontrols(lscene.scene).attributes.mouse_rotationspeed[] = 0.01f0
    draw!(lscene, ob; kwargs...)

    if (get_current_mode() == :pluto || get_current_mode() == :docs)
        return scene