12 years of Julia


Looks good as ever, what is it - I couldn’t work it out from the title :wink:

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unfortunately I had to use 10 characters… :grinning:

A watchface/countdown timer for a smartwatch?

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it’s certainly temporal

Major/minor/patch releases?


I was going to say, that perhaps you had almost closed your coding rings on your Apple watch?


:wink: 12 year workout …

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I think there’s a just a bit more to it than just releases:

  • White: today
  • Grey: months/quarters/years since 2012
  • Red: Major releases
  • Purple: Minor releases
  • Green: Patch releases
  • Chains: JuliaCons!

I appreciate the mystery/puzzle, but I’m going to make the title a smidge more descriptive with Cormullion’s hint and given the “solved” nature of the thread now. :slight_smile:


Ooh, I didn’t figure out the JuliaCons!

Correct. :nerd_face: @jakob solved it, but I un-marked the solution (for now)…

Looks like the red dot just past 6:30 is Julia 1.0,

So, the purple dots are minor releases, the green dots are patch releases, and the red dot is the major release?

Would this be a new T-shirt design?


@caleb-allen yes, and I wasn’t smart enough to show the purple dot underneath the red one. :slight_smile: Next time, perhaps…

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Genius. Please post the Julia code that creates this graphic.

Confess that the meaning of the radials is still escaping me.


I guess that the purple dots, going clockwise, are the 0.x releases, up to the red dot, which is 0.7/1.0, and then we keep going, up to 1.9. The green dots inside are the point releases. So, the last green dot is for 1.9.1.

Sorry, figured out the spoiler blur feature a bit late :grimacing:

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