1.9-rc1 and threads

On Win 64, I have noticed that 1.9-rc1 Threads.@threads fails to keep my CPU busy (usage goes down to what you expect from single-threaded mode) in long computations. Clearly different from 1.8.5.

Has anyone else noticed something similar? Any hints?

(Simple/quick examples do not show this, so I would have to think about how to create something that can be replicated.)

What happens if you use @threads :static for .... instead of just @threads for ...?
(Background: The default scheduling option for @threads has changed from :static to :dynamic)

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Thanks, but not much of a difference. So far, the pattern is that the CPU usage increases to 80% or so at the beginning of the threaded calculations and then (in 1.9-rc1) falls back to around 30-40%. In 1.8.5 the usage stays around 80%.

I have finally had time to time the code. With 1.9-rc1 it was 88 minutes and with 1.8.5 around 110 minutes. I guess the CPU monitor is somehow fooling me. Sorry for the noise.