Yet another Makie Gallery

An up to date gallery with easy to copy and paste examples for doing nice plots with Makie.

Here, a glowing example!


Very cool! Thank you!

Wow beautiful!! :slight_smile:
I had to tweet it: :wink:


I tried running your FigContour notebooks, and each one failed because Figure is not defined. What should I do?



You need to make sure that you have the latest version of AbstractPlotting => v0.15.3.

Thank you… I planned to switch on Makie. Your work is highly appreciated and up to the time.

Please , add a link to the gallery on the Makie (doc) page (with requirements on used components versions)

Thanks for your reply.

When I try to install the latest version (0.15.7), I get the message below which seems to indicate that I can’t install anything after 0.14.

(@JuliaPro_v1.5.2-1) pkg> add AbstractPlotting@0.15.7
Resolving package versions…
ERROR: Unsatisfiable requirements detected for package AbstractPlotting [537997a7]:
AbstractPlotting [537997a7] log:
├─possible versions are: [0.9.0-0.9.27, 0.10.0-0.10.11, 0.11.0-0.11.2, 0.12.0-0.12.18, 0.13.0-0.13.11, 0.14.0-0.14.4, 0.15.0-0.15.7] or uninstalled
├─restricted to versions 0.15.7 by an explicit requirement, leaving only versions 0.15.7
└─restricted by compatibility requirements with Makie [ee78f7c6] to versions: [0.9.0-0.9.27, 0.10.0-0.10.11, 0.11.0-0.11.2, 0.12.0-0.12.18, 0.14.0-0.14.4] — no versions left
└─Makie [ee78f7c6] log:
├─possible versions are: [0.9.0-0.9.6, 0.10.0, 0.11.0-0.11.2] or uninstalled
└─restricted to versions * by an explicit requirement, leaving only versions [0.9.0-0.9.6, 0.10.0, 0.11.0-0.11.2]

Did you update your environment first ?. By the way, usually you just need to install CairoMakie or GLMakie, everything else is taking care by their installation.

When I looked at my environment, I found an older version of Makie that was preventing updating AbstractPlotting. I removed that, AbstractPlotting, and CairoMakie, and reinstalled the latter. It now works!

Thanks so much for your help.

One more question: Does CairoMakie have a command for doing streamlines in a vector field? I’m trying to learn fluid dynamics, so that would be a help.

Thanks again!

you mean something like this:
Plotting a phase portrait of a differential equation - #8 by lazarusA

I need to update the syntax though. I will include this in the next update to the gallery.

The second example in that post is what I have in mind. I’ll look forward to seeing it.

Thanks a million.